• Health&Lifestyle
    Making a Good First Impression

    Recently while visiting my nephew and his wife, I met a precious little girl named Emily. She is the 2nd of 3 children with another sibling on the way. We made each other’s acquaintance this past Halloween. Her parents are close friends with my nephew and his wife. As an effort to reach out in […]

  • Main
    Making Your Home Safe

    We’ve all heard “baby proof” your home. Some of my safety tips are for us as well. When I baby proofed my home the first thing I did was buy the electric outlet covers and cabinet locks, removed all my glass displays, bought plastic dinnerware-plates, bowls, cups, and moved anything breakable or toxic out of […]

  • House Improve
    Meet the 5 Devices that Use More Energy at Home

    At different times, we see our electricity meter turns without stopping and we wonder what is the best way to save energy and money? Sustainable energy is definitely an option to consider either a wind turbine or a panel system. However, what actions can be taken in the home to save the money? Here are […]

  • Health&Lifestyle
    Making the Right Food Choices for Toddlers

    It is up to parents and caregivers to make the right food choices, not the easy food choices, when it comes to feeding toddlers. Parents who claim that toddlers will only eat certain junk foods or unhealthy choices, have already made their first mistake. They have introduced less than nutritious foods to a young baby […]

  • Health&Lifestyle
    Male Osteoporosis

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that both genders have weakened bones as they age. Most of the people in my age group know of at least one man who has died due to a fracture, usually of the hip. The fall that caused the fracture would probably have been a bruise if the bones weren’t […]

  • House Improve
    The Best Small Bins for Home Composting

    When you think of compost, farm-sized mounds traditionally come to mind. But thanks to the evolution of the compost bin, you no longer need a lot of space to compost at home. Small compost bins maximize available space to heat up and break down even small amounts of kitchen waste. Here’s a quick tutorial to […]

  • IT&Technology
    Reducing Building Heating Costs with Infrared Technology

    New technologies with new and interesting applications are always being developed, and are very interesting to read about or watch on the news. Unfortunately, most brand new technologies aren’t usually practical or cost effective enough to benefit anything other than scientific curiosity, at least not for a while after they’re developed. However, there are exceptions. […]

  • DIY&Craft
    Making Homemade Jelly in a Few Surprising Flavors

    Whoever Said Homemade Couldn’t Be Fun? Nowadays people underestimate the awesomeness of homemade goods. Food is especially awesome when it’s homemade for the simple reason that you worked hard to create something great with your own two hands, and it could give you some sense of accomplishment. It also happens to typically turn out very […]